Sunday, September 23, 2012

If you want what you do not have, you must do what you have not done.

We Are The Big Brave Hunters Of The Towns

I am white in the dark waters of dawn but  I was the straightest girl in the west long ago. Now I've found myself located in the dirty, deep South...I've been taken and chained and locked in a cell for a while where I wept, slept and dreamed the truth, heard hot words and the sound of the guns that ended this game but I still got my boots on, yes even I know that maybe another sun will go down...slippin from the prision like roseys ghost isn't any trouble for me...but then I get past all that and then I can go past the skulls, the crosses and the bones again...I find my way around the snakes and the silence often times. I've heard the howls of the wolves and run fast,  even faster over the desert into the rivers that called and when the sun rose, my frightened eyes rose.... with the next days sun. I was just a girl then... my eyes still went deep... I'm a woman now but all along I made sure I pushed my daisy up like roses when I died...but I didn't really die....I'm still alive or at least those ghost chasing me from the past are...I mean I pretty much shot them down just like every good September Girl would but, well, I have a feeling we're still alive.

Words  © Wendy Rose Watson