Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Dry Sex of Brokeness

I flowered through it like a dark flower 

I flowered through it in solitude 
I flowered through this longing just like the silent starry sun I sing my prayers to
You, you with your stone carved eyes, taking care of all our dreams
Don't leave me for an hour just leave me as it seems
Let my broken smoke roam down into the dark of the rivers seams
Dreams leading into hallways
The broken river of unknowns
You re looking for that lift into someones lift of their own
You re looking onto the carts , carts teasing the purple afternoon
But the mossy grave is silent, choking into the silence of my broken lovers womb
And there you stand,
You  all over my lost heart of rose
Water at my waist
Heavens holy ghost, yes he is still unknown
How patiently we wait

So just like my pale cold eyelids..the wind does not require the grass 
I wish you dear to love a warm space where lovers are built to last
And just like my pale cold eyelids may yours never grow cold 
May they never be empty or flutter as that story has already been told
And because I know in the empty halls of distance you'll have gone too far, to ride 
there will be no distance where you are reaching far up and a way into your saviors eyes 

There will be no questions alive that will bound you, tie or fasten
Where is the wind in the trees? 
When did you go deep into the night? 
I will follow you down loves hallway 
 There will be no more questions to ask
 No more pause in your reach only but to feel the last echo of the past
 Will you come back or leave me here to die? 
Where is the wind in the trees? 
Leave me laying here dying in this strange lullaby of my dry sex of brokenness knees
My dry sex of brokenness with its azure waters
transparent sighs 
that forever seem to bleed   

Words © Wendy Rose Watson 

Thursday, December 13, 2012


you took me away from myself. you enveloped me into scents of daydreams, nights not given just on lend to your voice and god damned how beautiful it is. to wrap you in silk to see you transform your transformation. flying. flying. flying. wet. your, eyes, meet  mine. the holy god of gods know...and so do i and, just like you, my daydream screams..bitter to the (end).