Friday, June 29, 2012

Moving Into The Future...Send Out A Search Party, perhpas.

You might not have the foggiest idea of what I'm really about and you've probably  never even met me in person. Truth be it you can't just  judge me based on what someone else has told you or just by spending 15 minutes with me over tea unless you're a good strong read. Those of us that know see it in each others eyes, words and souls....because we've been there, lived through it...and not become jaded from the illusion....especially in Hollyweird. We end up owning our own strength called compassion and sharing it, never taking things personally and trying to always endure in this city and world that can and does often creep into the mind of what is once was. We can never turn back...We must look forward into the great crystal ball and follow the yellow brick road or make a list and stick to its contents. Fuck crystal balls. There are other methods to the madness! 

I deeply love this country I live in and I have a heart.... and maybe you will even laugh at me from time to time as I love comedy but don't disrespect me or threaten don't have to understand the logic or the phoenix that you may or may not know in me. Call Mother Superior if you need to...I've been idle for a while ..and you know what they say about that.... idle minds are either in business with the devil or sealing with the hand creatively. Did they say they say that? Look it up. I dare you. 

When I grew up it was a fact that either the streets id walk down ( being in the suburbs and all) were either ending at a culdesac or you'd turn right-left-right again and still end up at a god damned dead end. So I ended up taking other paths ways..into the ivy and kudzu back in the south,  on my girlish adventures with lots of viney green leaves.  Yes, it hurt at times, specially that wicked ivy but I took those paths because I didn't fit in with the mere cul-de-sac and I knew a good pink  calamine lotion for weeks could heal me up. SO..I always went for it. You don't have a 'foggy notion' to know about that, or do you?  I know myself and I know myself well, i got my notions and they are not foggy but at times they have been. Glad I tested them. I'm still here. Put please don't try to play "the star spangled banner" for me though,  I know it by heart and it doesn't really work in these strange times. I have my own star in my heart.  The goods aren't you flashy folks. I took martial arts for years, many years....I know how to fight the power, love and also listen inside. I know shadows and light and I know how to rest when its time but I'm back up and ready for action. I am naked.  

Anyhow, the woods behind my old childhood house still in my subconscious beckon me to  get lost in them....but I know I'm a daughter of the revolution. Still,  I will forever be grateful for these and those times....they taught and still teach me so much.  I loved those JFK days with my mama by my side smiling even when there was a lot of destruction and chaos growing up in my dysfunctional home.  No, you don't say a word abut your family life, that wont help anyone else,  so I won't , at least for now as this is not the point of this writing. In fact I'm really even sure what is the point except to write.  That being said, we've all lived through this...right and we are still living. NO, there are no more JFK days here in the US of A but I couldn't be happier to be writing again. For a time there I felt like I was lost in a bad Air Supply song that seemed to be going towards I don't know what!? Death maybe.  
There's no place like there?  

Stay divine, human and true to will all work out in the end or it's been said that if it hasn't worked out then it's just not the end. 

Action is LOVE.  WORDS can be loving. LOVING isn't really hard. We are all in this dream of life together. The ones that leave you are afraid, the blinding light is just too much, buy a pair of heart shaped glasses and do your others, be kind to them....create and inspire. You are your own one true love. Pay it forward.

Words © Wendy Rose Watson 

Softly Into the Light

R.I.P My Sweet Sadie Bear 
April 15, 1995 - June 29, 2012 

"I feel so close to everything that we've lost
We'll never, never have to lose it again." 
~Leonard Cohen

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Dear Dead Blue Bird (FOR C)

Your life was not wasted. A Testament that life encompasses  so much beauty, even after one leaves. Bluebird, if you could have only known how much I loved you so....only wanted to cradle your soul but your eyes shut before I saw you leave,  your heart stopped and you took your final breath on your own.  To create and yolk with you in a nest of deep calm tides around the waves crashing into morning....just once more before you went away...I have spread my dreams under your fire in this silent prayer. 

Bluebird say it isn't so

Please I cannot hear you speak

It must be that you're so tired
In the darkness of the night.

I just don't wanna believe. 
Bluebird, please come back to me. 
My heart is fragranced with the deepest 
Blue beating midnights
I'm fading 
I am such love inside
I am alive 

Bluebird came to me tonight

Waiting patiently for light
Saying "I know that you will grieve
But my darling I must leave"

I wish you, my love, a new flight into caves of darkness and skies of light and that your flesh might not rot  before  we have the opportunity to cross another mothers moon and another sunny sky again. How life twists, it turns and yes, how it burns...

Words © Wendy Rose Watson 

You Touch Me In A Place That Doesn't Talk ~ To New Beginnings My Little Love.

Lifted up

Reflective in returning love you sing
Errant days filled me
Fed me illusion's gate
In temperate stream
Welled up within me
A hunger uncurbed by nature's calling
Seven sacraments to song
Versed in Christ
Should strength desert me
They'll come
They come

Lifted up
Reflected in returning love you sing
Heaven waits
Someday Christendom may come
Evening sun recedent
Set my resting vow
Hold in open heart

WORDS ~ Mark Hollis 

                                           Close your eyes and open the eyes of your soul. 

I will be putting my 17 year old black cat Sadie to rest in a few days. She has been very ill. Thank you to those friends & family be they blood or not who have been so supportive, be you near or far geographically, your support and kindness has  always touched and strengthened me in times of joy and in times of suffering.

Thank you to Mark Hollis for this beautiful song New Grass. It continues to leave me utterly speechless as the message is about 'new beginnings' and hope. She and I listened to the album for a while and this song on repeat thereafter. Afterwards I spent time chanting hymns with her in my arms. It hasn't been easy for her but at least I know she will no longer be in pain after she closes those beautiful, emerald green eyes and opens her soul to find herself in a new realm in time-space surrounded by spirit that travels beyond sound. 

So, go softly into the light my little sweet heart Sadie. You've known the sunrise and the sunsets that we've endured together, you were my comfort and joy through them all...a gift to me as I hope I have been to you. You loved me unconditionally as I have loved you, such a pure connection we've had, the two of us. You were never mine and this is why I will never lose you. I was your caretaker and you were my hope and joy during days of doubt, celebration and happiness. You were my deep certainty that pure love does exist and that it is possible to experience this kind of connection with another being here on this earthy plane we were both called to. You helped me keep the faith when every river was dry and I will always hold a place inside of me that remembers what is and what was true.  I know the Tradition of the Moon & The Tradition of the Sun and  I'll meet you on the other side of dreams after your beautiful black silky little shell has moved on and your soul ascends to be somewhere other than this earth. Home. 

A new door , a new opening for you so don't be scared my little light hearted loving girl, you've brought me so much joy and you've loved and trusted me deep just as I have you. We have both made the dark nights much easier for each other. You with your purrs, your acceptance of who I am. You with your trust in me as your caretaker. I was blessed to have you, to still have you for these last few breaths you take  and I will celebrate your new beginning and try not to mourn you as you've always made me smile just a little more. My dear sweetest, petite black fair-weathered friend who I called Sadie. I miss so much you already but know neither you nor I will be the ones with the far away eyes. 

To new beginnings, my little love.
I'll meet you there. 

Words © Wendy Rose Watson