Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Dear Dead Blue Bird (FOR C)

Your life was not wasted. A Testament that life encompasses  so much beauty, even after one leaves. Bluebird, if you could have only known how much I loved you so....only wanted to cradle your soul but your eyes shut before I saw you leave,  your heart stopped and you took your final breath on your own.  To create and yolk with you in a nest of deep calm tides around the waves crashing into morning....just once more before you went away...I have spread my dreams under your fire in this silent prayer. 

Bluebird say it isn't so

Please I cannot hear you speak

It must be that you're so tired
In the darkness of the night.

I just don't wanna believe. 
Bluebird, please come back to me. 
My heart is fragranced with the deepest 
Blue beating midnights
I'm fading 
I am such love inside
I am alive 

Bluebird came to me tonight

Waiting patiently for light
Saying "I know that you will grieve
But my darling I must leave"

I wish you, my love, a new flight into caves of darkness and skies of light and that your flesh might not rot  before  we have the opportunity to cross another mothers moon and another sunny sky again. How life twists, it turns and yes, how it burns...

Words © Wendy Rose Watson