Thursday, August 23, 2012

Alex Lowe ~ Who Is She?

The multifaceted singer song writer and painter Alex Lowe is 
incredibly inspiring....he makes me wanna put the diamond on the record and listen again and again....he writes lyrics and captures rough drawings with paint that make me  think on other levels and brings me back to the simplicity of raw soul. Alex Lowe has a fresh, soulful new way of approach his work comes to life vividly into our minds.... songs that meet his visual artistic creations continue to arrive...a breath of the fantastical unexpected....he (Alex Lowe) invokes the yesteryear without being of yesteryear... it may feel somewhat familiar but Alex isn't a copy of the past. He is a voice of the now. He does ever so slightly invoke the past as he creates with paint and draws without thinking and instead seems to listen inside. Alex stays current with the now while making love to the past without remorse one of the many reasons I've fallen and chosen him to listen to...he has a story, not just music in a story but visual that go with his stories...a big turn on for me as a new writer and a feverish listener. 

In some ways I feel that the viewer of the art work knows that they  can't get her attention (the woman in the painting) unless they reflect on himself...not that he's trying to but rather that he does so in a way that is raw, true and down right soulful and even I think we could see her face look over her shoulder at him soon as she is tired, so tired of anything besides strength, honesty and Alex Lowes ingredients in this cration...its a mix of everything fragrant and true  and it backs his creations and sounds perfectly. He seems to bring this blonde muse to life that is bending, hallejuiah to that! But who knows..I have yet to speak to the fine Mister Alex Lowe yet.It does appear thought that his  way, though still curious, suggests that the our own...and that our own (or maybe his)  may never be known....unless the other party involved lets it be known, the viewer, the watcher...curious so communication seems key here  in his songs and in the art he pronounces with question. Alexs' ability and throbbing pulse for that very heart beat mystery socks it back to  non believers and allows them to believe that they can continue in this mist world and continue to carry the  mind of beauty in its rawest form, melt into love and transform back to their truest states which is raw love and faith just like they long for.  Appears to me that what may have been sort of injury within themselves, that their questionable souls along the way may have made some  doubt the light inside. Backs turned to me always suggest looking forward but many take it as an insult...clearly his music isn't that at all, its a wake up call and  a love crow that beats like a firefly inside of what you already know.  Its truly a one person journey with Alex Lowe but he still welcomes us all along the one never knows what may happen next...and Alex always stays open to that, to the weather. 

I will conclude that truly, we are all on our own in the mist world but never far apart from a reaching hand of love and connection as some of what Lowes songs imply when take my sink in... Alex suggest, here in this sketch rough painting  that  if we just carry on we will find 'it', looking forward ...there will be no need to look back, we don't need to turn into pillars of salt. We have every thing we need right in front of us when diving into his latest creations musically as well as with his paintings. If I were you I'd give thanks to the blond leaning tower of heroine that may very well live inside all of us at some time or another or perhaps forever and just been buried among the debris...after all the hurricane does create debris...then again as survivors we carry our scars and can only hope that after the scars of the past that the joy of the future will  leave even a larger imprint on the heart. She, after all has got her back turned and bending but still looking forward. STRENGTH. COURAGE. NO SUICIDAL BLOND HERE. 

I also love that you don't see her face, nor do you need to. It doesn't matter, your imagination is to suppose to come in full bloom....You just end up knowing....knowing that yes, just like Lowe she's strong, beautiful, worldly and resilient.  Her silent music from this painting may not be for everyone but once you take in Lowes "Take Me Down" you will know.    

His powerful bending blond in this art work  suggest just that...a certain sort of hope in action as  she's not just a girl or just a gone...she's a spirit bending in the name of Athena, in the name of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, just warfare, mathematics, strength, strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill that even a rough draw can lead us all towards something...the future, and into the now for those of you who dwell in the past...and, even if she's already gone...or if things in life are shifting for her  ALEX LOWE creates a  tangle with this creation of rough art work that inspires. I think he knows it's rough for her...after all she's Athena...she's not a gone she's the back turned to you and bending. Athena. I love what visuals inspire me when matched to the music of Alex Lowe. Outside of Mister Lowes music and at first glance this painting  reminded me of this song... 

NOTE: ALEX, long may ride.... !

Please check out ALex Lowes' GUN CEMETERY, You're not gonna know what hit you....It's a folk rock-n-roll beautiful situation....Here's the song TAKE ME DOWN:

© Wendy Rose Watson 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I still hunger to take a bite of Irish Spring soap. 

Your Mother will wash your mouth out with soap.

I still hunger to take a bite of Irish Spring soap.

  • YOUR 
  • WILL
  • WASH
  • YOUR
  • OUT
  • WITH
  • SOAP 

Words © Wendy Rose Watson 

Friday, August 17, 2012

There Is No One In This World That Will Think Of You This Way.

You a snowflake beaming, a hammer and a chisel...put your skin in my hand. Drink with me, I have nothing more to fight for, to the vineyard my lover where there is good wine...please take it all away from me my dreaming god believing....and I'll sing us to sleep. I'll put your skin in my hand. The heart of my man as I gaze in your words.....A million stars to make your sweetheart shine like white turquoise on your skin....listen to me so close dear, I think of you this way. I dream of you my lost lover just like the smile of GOD when we finally wrap our warmest ocean around each other, soft breeze....your faint footsteps, the light is real. I will kiss you....savage, I will sing to breath, our breath will be like humming birds together and  what I meant to say is that there is no one in this world that will think of you this way. I'll sing to you eyes like the moon....prepared to bleed like holy wine....but not with you, oh so with are so different, you are not the pretty are a million stars to make your sweet heart mine, this mooned heart of mine. You, you're like roses and kisses and you may not believe in's okay as I haven't the words because they are hidden from me.

Words © Wendy Rose Watson

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

For My Love Who Was Lost

A spy in the house of love is forever near traces of her lovers light like worlds of dark and dreamlike lands she remains and she stands.

Words©Wendy Rose Watson