Friday, August 17, 2012

There Is No One In This World That Will Think Of You This Way.

You a snowflake beaming, a hammer and a chisel...put your skin in my hand. Drink with me, I have nothing more to fight for, to the vineyard my lover where there is good wine...please take it all away from me my dreaming god believing....and I'll sing us to sleep. I'll put your skin in my hand. The heart of my man as I gaze in your words.....A million stars to make your sweetheart shine like white turquoise on your skin....listen to me so close dear, I think of you this way. I dream of you my lost lover just like the smile of GOD when we finally wrap our warmest ocean around each other, soft breeze....your faint footsteps, the light is real. I will kiss you....savage, I will sing to breath, our breath will be like humming birds together and  what I meant to say is that there is no one in this world that will think of you this way. I'll sing to you eyes like the moon....prepared to bleed like holy wine....but not with you, oh so with are so different, you are not the pretty are a million stars to make your sweet heart mine, this mooned heart of mine. You, you're like roses and kisses and you may not believe in's okay as I haven't the words because they are hidden from me.

Words © Wendy Rose Watson