Sunday, October 24, 2010

I Want To Be Silent With You

Right now I want to be silent. Married to my music. Oh, and I am. Let that speak for me, forever. Words cannot describe these passages. Invisible. Seen. I've watched the black sabbath sun melt into the horizon. Holy. The arch always in mind. White horses. Churches. The milky green dress that's falling to the floor. The longing began when you walked out that door. So I sit here,on the edge of the laybrinth, looking in. You wearing a raincoat called desire. There are no streetcars. Famous and blue. Your Raincoat. Oh, how the birds laugh. How they sing over black diamond broken skies. Breathless and torn. My golden star. I don't feel so far from you and yet I feel you farther from me than ever. Pushing. Pulling. Signal when you can't breathe any more. Nightengale wing. Venus and her waters running all over me. This is it. This is the dawn. The God light. And, I could possibly be fading. Fading into you. Yeah, and you could just possibly, maybe be that tricked out jam that fades into me too. Skeleton keys. Seeds. Eggs. Dust. Paint. Offerings under the black feathered sun. The iris of my eye is ready to explode. Achy. God, here comes that word again. Achey. Oh,and we will, just like lovers do because everything has already come undone. And dresses fall to the floor. Haunted dresses like pale green silk. Right now I want to be silent with you - exploding and disappearing like rabbits aching in the burn.

© WORDS Wendy Rose Watson