Saturday, July 7, 2012

Scriptures Written On A Lost Stone That Once Opened the Mystics Vault

You are fading, so am I and our eyes go so slow and mine fade into you good and wise and strong to go slow, i wanna hold the hand inside you like firey embers into the night....Yes, that burning feeling inside comes again and again and I cant help but think what you were thinking while I was lost in the air of infinity. water, earth air and fire. I am made mostly of Air, water and maybe you thought you knew. I never thought that my love for you would be anything less than an offering  true..... But where were you my little disconnected soul, my valetine?  It was when you continued to insist I open my trust....that we melted together....yet, as soon as I did you ran so far away from love.  Oh my dear peter pan.... see you never knew.

..."FUCK ME THAT WILL WILL SAVE ME" just like some sort of Kathleen Turner Crime of Passion, it doesn't dismiss reality...fuck me me, kiss me, save me...there are these nights like this when I imagine you are asleep in bed in our little love chapel that we created and those nights and those nights burn for you and I. But it's me that's here right now. I am the ony  Joan of Arc burning due to a truth that you could not contain. Maybe I was was a whole lotta too much mother air, fire, water for you and you were just running scared to be free, I suppose I will never know what was and what will never be. You made your exit though my open door,  no integrity.

Dear fog and shade, I only asked you to brush my hair after a bath but no instead you dismissed that sweetness for a fuck, for fuckery and fucked me. Can't you see fiction doesn't win you luck...slowly, tenderly it me you fucked. you fucked my locks came in and then you fucked me. yeah. fuck brushing my hair ever so sweetly. falling into those many nights I  gave you a prayer, a bed and those nights.....brushing my hair. I was always here but you left long before that, I could smell it on your flesh and I was burning. You, you couldn't even begin with wanted to go straight for it, the concept of time wasn't enough for you. Nor has it ever been. You wanted it to happen and happen right now again, with your running away.... so when you're love lorned tired and true and no surprise doesn't speak cryptic to you... look into my eyes and there will still be a soft pinpoint opening into my blues...just no longer , not anymore it isn't enough to pull us through, I'm filled inside but it wasn't enough for haven't enough....hiding your own true blue  behind what you could, would never be or do pulsating veins needs a shot upside down. We can't connect. Stillness. Expect. Disconnect without hiding you hid.

So you  just weren't  enough according to you  and you had no will to save you through. Then that's when the light broke and the dawning fell into my hand....and my hand writing began to sound like firefly wings, shape shifting into a hot warm nest and my voice  beats to a tune of tongues. My mouth kisses third eye spring appearing in Autumn. Times are strange, like a summer cold wave without you.... you, my so lost love. You, you haven't  a clue, my sweet darling, my sweet darling  do you? I think about it as life isn't suppose to be an escapade of trials alone as hands are supposed to be held,  hair is suppose to be brushed, souls are suppose to be loved, working together for higher ground, that is love. Why do you lie to yourself? I heard the thunder then you running, running  to the darkest black hole you could find, i'm not selling out on my vision, prisims of softly colored light.

And, so now here we are both laying like metamorphoses in the night. i scream stars on the ceiling that burst into bright. I've laid out a song, laid it out for you....a song for your best to the life.....past , present, future. An abundance of knowing more than you know for we all know nothing that is true.

Drained to another world, love on my tongue and you in your  reacquisition always  affirming our love will stay in remission...our dreams in remission.....a dream, what it does and does it seem my little libertine. My far away, run away libertine. When will you see eyes so starry, again, my friend. You looked straight into mine, I was there, no illusion. So no it's not over, you will rise, it's not over....I'll lift you up to sunrise come hold my hand with a song. I always loved your eyes....that was always enough for me, that and the touch of your hand and the way you use to brush my hair. I was there. Please stay bright inside my darling one and in the future do be careful of whose heart you damage, because each time you do it you're really only suffering your own soul... Please do learn how to flow, be honest, be real, and grow, grow, grow....I love you, more than anything but know I can never be yolked with a love that is blind to themselves, a love that forgets what they look like after they walk away from the mirror of their own soul to chase runaway dreams that won't be able to cradle your soul....yes, everything will flow and eveything will fade blue. Oh God how I loved you.

Words © Wendy Rose Watson