Thursday, October 25, 2012

I'm Still Writing And I Will Continue To Fall Into Your Arms With Me

Did you read what I wrote or did you just sit back and tear it up in your mind over again? Oh lover, you're not here I know you gotta you wrap it up like a little love token then set it aside with this heart of Grate Stones. Eat Me. Drink Me. Wonderland strange friends of mine. Then, of course after you do  you fall  into the light burning with a heart of night and I fall into you with the promise of our tender flight. This masterpiece often takes and often also gives I fall and I fall into you, the narrative that lives. Your words how they gather upon our hearts and heads as our hearts go outside to digest the books you've read.  I look in the morning paper and this is what makes me cry, these moments we have I realize  how they just aren't a lie.  Above and beyond my fatal fallen heart these dusty broken chapped lips of yours will never keep us apart so here we come, here we come together again the racing shores, the white horse who always and never pretends. So I sit and I stare at your body,one last glimpse, how beautiful you are with the warmth of sunlight on your lips, a flickering jupiter star. and now it seems the God of love is in a state of desire....but you my darling your love that rushes through these veins is surely down to the wire. So It's you my love, you over there.  its time to  conserve your mating energy, beware.

The past is not dead its the present burning  through from the past you didn't remember that you once knew.  The very fabric of the paper I read today made me wanna cry because nobody cares if people actually live or they die. So I bite my lip and I don't do what I'm told and I feel the united beat. The value of my pardon and within a shadow of my reach I am sure that I will land lightly on the bottom of my feet. The heaviness has lifted and although the things I read, tear me up inside I still have my shadow to keep from such dread. I am sure you will fall off soon and  if I push you away then I, once again, will fall into your arms with me into the shadows of the day. 

WORDS © Wendy Rose Watson