Sunday, February 24, 2013

Words Are Sometimes Just Like A Hunter's Kiss

Lay her down in her gingerbread coffin
With cold blue eyes
Black heart so wise
Tea cups when the smoke gets in her eyes

Words from a lover
Like a moment of evil nursery rhymes
A jewel of a sweet water-killing
Floating on a lily of his lies
She asked him to ask himself to ask her again
With his eyes
And on the shores of easy
With a ghost-over voice
Buried in disguise
She asked him to ask her again with the words floating in his eyes

He said to her, 'i give you no choice'
Melting in the honey pot
Sweet lustrous divine
So she's the one astonished
She's the one that dives
She asked him to ask her again with his eyes

Like new grass on the spring
Wings cut off of the dove
She laid dry to sing this heaven above
New beginnings
In this coffin
New beginnings
How oh so, often

Mary, Mother , please Mother Mary forgive her for these sins
You're the one astonished
Calling for more...whispers in the grass
Violets of smoke pillar across your invisible floor
When all she can see right now becomes green
It ain't what it seems

Those spring filled days when this song played
Those spring filled days when wings flittered away
We weren't glued to the shelf
And their mornings weren't going nowhere else
So into Spring she fled....where she was long forgotten
No sin anywhere everything where nothing is forgotten
It begins in her like a lily flower forgotten
Just like a lily flower
just like a lily flower

No more lies
Daylight broke
No more green
The honeys been broke
Sometimes it takes a heart to break a heart
Sometimes it takes an ice cream parlor to throw it all away and sing
Glisten in the darkness
Sparklin like this diamond ring
That's been forgotten
Away on her wing
She's not forgotten
She knows what she sings
She's ready. for. that. break.
That break that begins again

So lay me down in a gingerbread coffin
Mold your cold-en four leaf clover eyes
With that deep black heart so wise
So wise I've been forgotten.
Those eyes filled up so with such great surprise
No more lies
Cause I've been forgotten

So you ride on your horse travelin there
This is your four leaf clover
A moonlight sonata cause she's so fair
She will not be forgotten
She has a song to sing
She rest her head on the green of Spring

The wind shivers west...and she's gonna find it
In you somewhere
She's got charms
She's got grace
An unconventional face to take you there
She'll win the race
Cause she's going down
To find her true love in the ground
A hunters kiss could never keep her away from this
Gimme A kiss
A hunters way couldn't keep her away from this
Give her a kiss

So believe me when she tells you blue
Believe her when she sings about you
Her bow is raised
She saw you coming from her gingerbread coffin
You left her lying dirty
While you were taking your time
Someone will find her floating soon again in their mind
Her bodies leaking through this grassy floor right now
And she's gone from here and left herself on these pages now
She's a gingerbread figment of your mind
Don't be kind
Cause she's always telling some sort of a story
She's one of a kind
She's a gingerbread coffin
A race you cannot run
Unless you've already been shot with the gun
And still
You should take the pill
For the gingerbread girl on the run
Cause she sleeps no more

from The Man and the Echo
While man can still his body keep
Wine or love drug him to sleep,
Waking he thanks the Lord that he
Has body and its stupidity,
But body gone he sleeps no more,
And till his intellect grows sure
That all’s arranged in one clear view,
Pursues the thoughts that I pursue,
Then stands in judgment on his soul,
And, all work done, dismisses all
Out of intellect and sight
And sinks at last into the night.

Words © Wendy Rose