Friday, November 23, 2012


Black Friday. 
Why in Gods name would anyone line up in front of a store light years before midnight to be one of the first inside to purchase things they do not need on credit? Things that will further challenge their financial future? Well, I don't know why either but there all of you were today, just waiting to hurl your hard earned credit card dollars straight to China. Yes, I live in a country without fear, a country that's unafraid to take on huge wonder so many of us on 'the outside' are dialing in for a refill of anti-depressants. This is the epitomy of psychotic behavior but I didn't stick around long enough to see if anyone was bustin each others asses over the last 900 foot assholish flat screen TV like they did last year.

Hey, America...children aren't an excuse to be assholish either...No...your children do not need another toy ad No, your children do not care about the 900 foot flat screen either....go to a real bookstore (not amazon) and buy them books, read to them at bedtime, spend some time with them or hey...go to a music store, buy them an instrument it will enrich their lives...and maybe even yours later on.

Anyhow, this is what I did today...I donated to my favorite no kill animal shelter and I bagged up clothing for a local womens foundation, including yesteryears black coat  and scheduled a pick up. Come on Smokey Robinson, it's time to use your soft bank...there are so many ways to write the book of it doesn't have to be long, idiotic, foolish, psychotic or boring.

Let freedom reign™