Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Giver of Worlds

the silent life giver of worlds, what is most important is the nonillusion. morning breaks, the wild reds, the deep blues, hands full of flowers, the chanting birds, my hands run through my hair and i ask myself again...why does hate exist why is the battery of the human heart on charge and why do we as a human race give in to hate, to gossip, to the small mind, the mind not of our truselves but to the mind of the nucleus that it seems to be plugged into, that mind in the box that calls to all the sleeping and how, how do you shut that mind that is not god thought OFF. i know how....that gift is called NOW.

the wild reds and the deep blues are thinking of you and yes it's okay to shove your foot down the throat of the flea that infects, do it ...do that blood sucking pin pricked entity justice now, turn your head while rising your voice and look to the light as darkness has been too far and too long...you owe that to yourselves. yes. this is the gift called NOW.