Thursday, July 11, 2013

We Don't Care: The Moon Is On Fire (and we once called it the sun)

You don't need to understand our process and posts - that's up to us...not you.
Close your eyes and imagine it.
Though you may have joined the cult , we know none of you.
It would be ludicrous to say that we do,we only know of you as
not all those whom are called friends will be able to come to this line of thinking, some have to go fishing in order to understand the catch. Maybe that is why you are here, reading this.
That statement in itself may or may not make any sense to you but what do we care? 
We are not here to "make sense" of your world. We make sense of ours and those that connect will connect and join forces with us because they have been down a path that is similar to ours. 
This is not a paid advertisement, tt's free, just like you should be.
The moon is on fire and we once thought it was the sun was, too.
Words - Wendy Rose Watson on behalf of the CVC