Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I just need to say that it has been an incredibly moving experience to come to the place in my life where my first book is almost complete - I am also finding myself freezing in the final process due to a lot of anxiety as the process is really becoming so real and personal for me, not that it wasn't always that way when I was writing over the years, but because I'm just now digesting that I actually do have a book to birth and that all of my personal entires are going to come alive on those pages -- That my soul is going to be exposed to the public and that is somewhat terrifying, so terrifying that I tried to talk myself out of publishing today and then I came to this thought; That no matter how much I try to escape this troubled world there is no way out, there is however a way in...a way back to self and a way to a deeper purpose on this planet. It is through this love of creating that I find some comfort. The whole process helped me in some way sort out some of my struggles and make a little more sense outta this world I live in and in some way I am hoping that in turn my book of poetry/prose/shorts might be able to help someone else. I'm sure I'll move past this anxiety soon and my book will come out in Feb/March as planned. This whole process in general,current anxiety included, has been beyond heartbreaking, beautiful,challenging and freakishly humorous so I really appreciate you support wherever you are be it in the past, the present or the future. Your kindness has meant and continues to mean SO very much to me. ~ Wendy Rose Watson