Tuesday, December 24, 2013


I knew I shouldn't look out the window at the ocean but I really did feel like it after all Mother was calling me in saying, "This is the place where you may begin again," and I knew right then and there that I had to make a choice so I built an alter and raised it with unhewn stones because I've always been such an amusing enemy. Perfect timing for Mothers call as just after I heard a voice say "I want her. Let me have her!" I couldn't figure out who was speaking as I thought Mother and I were alone for the eve and I knew it wasn't the Chambermaid living in my mind that spoke from time to time. It was one of those nights though - you know the kind o f nights with all that extra light of Jesus Christ falling into the extra world of pain but just in a new formation. "I'm the one you are writing about," the voice said as my pet crow turned his head, "I'm the one on this frozen night who brings the fish back to your anus and the bee back to your swollen bite." Then just like a jump and a flash I saw the entity cast its shadow upon the ocean -- it was throwing itself upon it's own stiffness which caused my crow to fly to his perch so I took up my horned quill with my seaweed bandaged hand to begin and then I began...I began dancing Indian inks across the seascape of a postcard, not just any postcard but a postcard I had been waiting to send for many ages. A post card to a loved one in a far away land. I felt the black fire burning upwards against my breast so I knew it was time, there was no time to rest. Yes. Mother was right, nobody could live like this, it was time to cushion the velvets and take off the lace blouse. It was time to let the shadow learn that the sparrow of St. Francis wings would be the only ones to burn.

May you bless the union of every Mother & Father.
May you discard easily the husks of my thoughts.
May you stand on my dead body.
There is no death so therefore this is all a lie.
There is no death until we come to a heart that is free from opening.
I know what you know because you already know it.
Do not put yourself on. There is no need to weep into the handkerchief.
Open your heart and recieve from the wrist your Mothers Music, your Fathers Milk.
Frozen in the blood thick silence between the bridgeless worlds.
I dream that there are chains and because there are chains
I also dream there is release.
I dreamed, I dreamed a thousand years and when drawn from the mist I dreamt again and again and again and again.
Did I dream that you dreamed about me?
I dreamed that I was clothed in nakedness and had once suffered to exist.
So I have removed myself from these lines to know that I always know what these things I write mean.
And the world is sweet and the world is wide
And I'll always be there where the light and darkness divide.
Did I dream that you dreamed about me?
The Crown and the crow and the sparrow know the evergreen of life
But must it come so cruel, must it be so bright!

WORDS - Wendy Rose Watson