Wednesday, August 14, 2013

And She Rides

I got my Kryptonite guard and I got my feminine sensitivity and I'm  in the process of it all right now - in fact I've been in that process my whole life but I never doubted myself unless it was time to pull back as there are, most certainly times for the reigns. I see so many voices that do not speak to others or the kids freely and when they do they speak to them with fear and I wonder why. So much segregation of the masculine and feminine and we could all learn so much from each other if we'd just open our eyes. I am grateful for the mentors that have been in my life, even if they aren't here now their voice and spirit do continue ride. I live in America and right now I'm here wondering where do all the American tough angels ride? Horses lunge with raw urgency and this album today speaks another language than when I was just 16 but I still ride. Reverting back to this classic, great causes me to realize that yeah I ride and I am also just a mammal, just like you and you and YOU so where are all the women with strong voices today? Fact is that It's just as much of a process of learning to "become" a "woman" as it is for men wrestling with all this ballyhooed "manhood" business so get up girls...I mean girls because I don't know many's time to walk a Bo Diddley and ride.  What's the point of keeping your passions low....let your great passion out and just ride. and if you're really out of sorts and cannot hear this greatness again just imagine biting Cherrie Curries nippels off..that should do it, let's ride!