Friday, August 23, 2013

Bringing out the Dead

i'm the barren of this daughter so burn me on this fire and i understand why. the suburbs and soft airplanes make me cry. my friend or foe or my mind might not stand the test of time because this will destroy you to go, lay down and die.  not me yeah you and so i ask why as only the glaciers know.  don't take everything, be spoiled like an ice pelican because she flies and so beautiful sometimes everything dies. go ask yourselves. put faith into yourselves...base your life on nothing and figure it out. draw the lines. ask why.

okay then don't figure it out...i'm not so arrogant, what do I know about?
i still ask why.i know why she flies.

old foagies with bitter attitudes, stop failing humanity....get over it, stop killing people, stop shunning others and summoning them to die. she flies! we are all in this mess of a human club together --- don't be blinded by your bitterness and yeah do try to come together because  we can, miagrate, we fly! we can still be honest, come together and those that  do not  believe this should lay their breathe down and die. fly to that other world....and fly.

if we all find one good friend that will give good advice and then take them in, rely on your never think twice none of us would really ever die.  the ones that says that sucks and the one that denies  and the ones that says make art you and i reading this  nonsense will alway fly is good. what do i mean by good. nothing! just that you should not worry about anything as glaciers are in fact just a part of your ice upon the train tracks -- keep on doing it, whatever your it is...finding your voice, the gold in your heart and from your heart ..a vision, a choice...don't lay down and die.