Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I Have Undressed For You - We're not dead

I was just a kings daughter and the moon explained.
She moved the rain, danced for me  how strange.
We're floating again.
She's such a daydreamer caught up in scene, my friend
She was a friend of the wind.
She's caught up ..she's so caught up again.

The lies that are stolen and told to our hearts we can never be apart so this is you, she said..this is you...

"Your truth your dirty little deeds breaking through -- living on the left path you're not dead. You and I together" she said --"it's true"--  'it's true" --"we're not dead!""we're not dead!"it's true, it's true we're not dead, we're not dead we're with you.

And you ---you will never break me apart cause I come not that wanted but this line, this line for the suns' daughter s heart -- the song of the sun; it's for you and what you do. we're not dead, the suns daughters heart.

So whose gonna sigh now? Whose gonna rise now? Whose singing these dirty little lies now? N-O it's not you, not you I'm not dead. I'm alive. The sun's daughter.

So all you want is a tune and I see and I see and I see and I see your eyes. We're floating again...and you know what's true. No lies. It's true. I'm alive. Not dead. Not you.
Take me home. Take me home I hear you crying, whailng at my door ,wipe the tears there will be no more and it's true. I'm the suns daughter.  I long to give you embraces, I-eye long to give embraces but you know who you  arejust like me. Alive. The Sun. The stars. The Moon. Everyones daughter.

So here I am - hanging high, I have undressed for you.
I have  confessed and done everything you asked me to, alive.
But if it weren't for them, then it wasn't for you.
Undress, you undress for me ..undress like the sun, the sun and the moon.
Your reflection always lights the still I don't see now being so open  to your door...see behind being, it's true I want more. I see you. I see me but do these people believe, they want more.  I can't stop can't celebrate, I can't stop so I carry the weight in you. in you , it's true . it's true.  Like the sun and the moons and the stars. It's true. Will I ever get on my knees, it's's YOU -- so far.

Never on my knees, never on my knees it's still the way it was before you met me and you know it -- you know that it's true.The stars.So far. The stars do far.

I'm the kings daughter.
The peasants daughters gone to rest.
I'm me...not a kings daughter and the peasants moons never rests .
Let the light shine through - blur into you.
Let the light shine through burn into you -- the kings daughter.

Words © Wendy Rose Watson