Saturday, September 28, 2013

Never Let Spirit Die Inside

Leon-Francois Comerre "Le Manteau Legendaire"

I just purchased the first few frocks for my online store -- a moment in hell -- there are so many beautiful things I wish to touch and give life to, how can one choose just a few? So I go slowly, softly into the spring of 2014. There are so many treasures I have seen, like the scent of the sap and the flowers from the garden near the coast that I used bring, these things intoxicate me. Offerings from a place when I burrowed my fingers into the dark burning earth. That was the place and I remain haunted by all of that treasure hunting as I had hunted for so many years. Did you think I'd give up while you were looking down? Guess again. I've pledged to myself to do it it in a place where I could roam and try to remember faces and all the inspiration that first drew me in -And now I sit here trying to recall the perfume of the body and its expression that captured me in all of my willingness and I can but this time it will be even better as it took me so long to dig my way to now - to recapture that essence with all that kneeling to the ground. I have found a way back up to breathe more air as I never stopped stretching my arms out in the air even when I was suffocating this vision was there. To touch as much as possible in the sunlight that has shown me the electric moonlight -- To grow when even the ground is stone cold -- To sit with thieves, lunatics and try to keep sane in the scar --to realize we were all sick, twisted and drowning in our own way ---this is how I came back to life and to wrap myself in gauze back into the stars. My shop will arrive in 2014, meanwhile I have a book coming as well that will tell parts of my tale. Word to the wise -- NEVER LET SPIRT DIE INSIDE. 

Egon Schiele notebook drawings