Thursday, September 5, 2013

† Let Me Love You Baby †

Faith is nothing so I keep the faith. I know it's more of the backbone of my soul being synchronized with that  intensity of knowing, so I keep it. The faith. There is no correct way or time really then again there is...the correct way will appear at the correct time, and it will always be different than I would have ever expected.  

Our paths run through darkness to meet the light because the light is not enough to bear us so we all reach such discern in lasting results. There will be flashes of perception that are telling of the truth towards which direction. Whomever walks with you together in the name not of the ONE is still always responsible for their own legacy, their own entire being.  This could be the time to rethink Thomas Young's double-slit experiment, and I think it is. † Let me love you † Let me love you baby†
This is just how it works. 

We all must remain open for the new, the call of the now and the call of the coming. Day by day this thought is birthing in us from plentitude. Stay close to your loved ones and validate them in their walk and nurse the great thunder as even the clouds have their veils --- they never cast their pearls forth to swine. 
Words © Wendy Rose Watson ˙