Sunday, January 27, 2013

An Interview With A Ghost (or something like that)

white noise...okay... wind noise
abandon all hope...
what difference does it make?
just surf rumble...
seasoned professionals have time on their sides, no?
i happen to think they got this touch gun approach..but what do i know...

im not into anything
im not going to a press conference

proof that there is always a way, if you can but find it...

sometimes you have no choice but to go where the action is
make all the authenticity into a creative part of the plot.
talk about skyscrapers, the gale wind force, narrate the dodging of onions

content rich conversations ~ and he didnt understand so fuck him
be prepared before, during and after the interview.....keep a line out and stay open....
you just never, ever know what the universe will send you...sometimes blood roses
then sometimes an alabaster dove 

what i suppose i wanna say really is .... is it you that wants to be taken seriously?
or is this just another one of those sort of emotional weather reports?
well...she grinned....what is it that you want me to be?
there was a long silence and then we stared at each other....i never looked up into her eyes and i it for protection, charm or business ventures there was and is a katha which can be summoned and I knew that. she might have known that too but what do i know? 

i know that i know how to do this as its just a way of life for me....she, the one will also fail and succeed and feel the same...she knows her name..not the history of the beatles or her zen name...but her name and so i write this letter and i go and i go...and i go one knows whose talkin to who here or do they? and just for a moment she seemed to know

if you’re not into transforming stuff into art  just don’t worry about it  just  keep doing it and keep doing it… oh yeah she said that, oh yeah she said that, not me.... and then somebody said that once before, maybe it was's in you too but you all lie in a superstitious fear 

why? why don't you just stand tall with our art nation?

do not be afraid
you are supported
as long as you stand
right here
right now 

words © wendy rose watson