Monday, January 7, 2013

You Painted Me On Your Door

My room is in the trees ~ I remember me and in the morning painted on your door, you call...if I could follow I would, follow for some more. Oh, these songs about traveling ~ lookout for spring... my darling. Look out for spring, look out for spring, yes you are my darling and you have said these've painted me on your door.  

I would write these lyrics without a care in the world, I would dance with you be I a boy or girl, I would. I would write these lines, they wouldn't trace my face, oh no. I would write these lines and lie down with you in this race, I would. I would take it off, this silvery top of chiffon...I would, I would take it off lie down like the swan I would. For you....Oh just for you...I would but this blood on my fingers keeps me from the truth...I would and then you painted me on your door. 

Words © Wendy Rose Watson