Monday, January 28, 2013

There Are No Words (only thank yous)

i asked yourself when you said if you loved me, do you think this can be real....hell is for love and heaven is for astronauts
 so i don't seem to see it at all real
the church door half way opened like a giant ruby scented ring
 the white mural of hymns that you are straining to sing. 

you  painted on me, painted ideas as you and all these constant strangers do, yes you are  just as naked as tires, each and every one of of you and on the glossy rained out roads
roads that go on and on and on needing to be told ....screaming for your return like the rose does its thorn... your shadow touches your blackness and blankets you as your cover, winter is cold, its born
 but not here, there is no other lover
makes the
heart told 
i know my eyes and the love is gone....and then you come
you come again
the lover inside whose bleeding the lover whose flame begins 
yes, darling I hear your vocals and winter is my love too and I wish I had a river 
to conjure and skate or fly straight back to you  

words © wendy rose watson 
thank you to 'the diary of ic explura' for allowing me to share this sacred moving picture 
there are no words...only thank yous