Tuesday, May 7, 2013

FIsh & Candy

It's there inside of you
It's here inside of me, too.
Do you know where you're going to?
Do you like that things in life are showing you?
Why did you come here?
Is that really a ?
It's a rite of passage
You know what to do
It was born into you
You were born into this
All our songs - holy fragrant flowers
I will wait for you
never losing my way
The way to the sun
The way to the moon

Here's my stop
My back, yes still  full of flowers
I know they grow silent in the room of eyes hours
As you roam, search and still you mend your wound
Drenched from the rain
Your thirsty soul stretches out in your temple of doom
And here stands the phantom my ghost - mother rose
Rising like a honey comb our breathe will soon close

Like the mere dust that beckons you to swallow me whole
The things you should never believe, the things you are told
With your heart that has been padlocked
Your brain at war with those locks so deceived

Filled with moon light
Try hard to deceive yourself dry
I'm pregnant with words and so are your cries
I collect glances from men
Validation approval
You never arrived
the lesson is futile

A sort of energetic force that isn't true
The fountain spills over and it's time to sell wedding rings
Corner pieces in the jigsaw puzzle of life things that were once in the dream
Forty years
Forty Days
Forty nights
In the desert
The floods that never stopped

And now with those pieces in place so silken rare
You think form my photographs you smell honey comb in my hair
Like self-love, for instance humbled
I am free from this belief that you cannot see
the old beliefs that locked me and made me stumble often
Into all unworkable relationships  your ship wreck is often

With all who knocked upon my souls door be the test
With intent to own instead of to share so I have no regrets
So I have no regrets
It all led me to here
And here is pretty damn good
And it's time for those the have forgotten to see
Gold, platnium, diamond, sapphire , opals with longing to be
She, she named it and so she has told ....Sappho the poet the one who knows

The ring, this one as its no longer been forgotten
The one that is now almost long and forgotten
The one that a bright halogen light shines upon
It's been polished and cleaned
And so as I do yes, so as I do
I'm still ready for you

Where we touch is unseen
All manners of the chrysalis signals
It is if you are already inside of me
And we will radiate the phoenix
when our flesh comes to be
You and I
Heaven sent in a song to stand by each others side
Confessing it all
Awakening thirst
I swore I met you before
And the sun of hours is here now at our door
Drink hyacinth with me, my love you know
The sun of flowering on our opal shore stone

For we are so simple and yet complex inbetween
We are so more than before
Don't fight what is seen
Authentic power
Soul knowledge is ours
That that is coming up the stairs against the miles

Released you will never be alone in the great find
This great find of self and once realized
Scanning the horizon
You are the heaven that was sent direct to me
The one that was sent when I could not see
This I know is true just as
The river runs south
I will meet you there
With fish...fish and candy, deep enough to swim
Back to me again just like a kiss on your mouth
Just like candy...You are through fishing...
as she is I that desires you

Words © Wendy Rose Watson