Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mothers Day - Bless Your Creations & Your Inspirations

Happy Mothers Day to all of you courageous, gorgeous, intelligent females out there - I've said it before and I'll say it again...all women are Mothers and for those of you who do not believe this to be true you've got some learning to do....your life is limitless as a human being.

I chose Ms. Marina Ambramovic to represent this day and I chose this particular video as her background has much to do with the way her performances are dealt with here although she actually has no intention of making her work resonate with one meaning only....I think that most human beings stop on the visual layer, if a woman has a child then she is considered a Mother but this isn't true for me as I've 'mothered' many things, beings, lives etc...including my own.

So here's to another breath of life and to the living it - the celebration of living 'it'....'it' being this life and each breath.

Today, bless your Mother and you as yourself and take some time to count the blessings all your "Mothers" bestowed upon you, your life and your breath. Count the Blessings our Holy Mother/Creatrix bestows each day....Bless your creations & your inspirations and Life. Own it NOW. NOW is all we have.