Monday, May 6, 2013

The Flower Inside of Me Refuses to Rest

I'm back gonna do, gonna give it my best and the flower inside me refuses to rest. So the seat of my soul can weave this new chapter to a higher awareness as being the flower. That being that was trapped within, a temporary movement or stillness and seeing the seed has been watered into this growth called given. Called being. There are new things to begin right here and right now. I for one can say that all awareness entered my unaware personality through crises as some sort of unspoken vow. I was not attached to and was apart from this thing and I call clear soul energy into my being. I had become seduced into the physical matterness of life -- that's not truly a part of me as that is not living. Then my flow was cut off by some broken measure knowing now this is who I the person was summoned to treasure. So I was cut off from source, the source of wisdom and guidence, cut off in many ways from the voice full of measure. Now to draw upon guide knowing I am destined to be, guided by light that shines from the key. The key that I searched for the one that was hidden, I found in myself finally able to listen. So if you are unaware of what dreams may come time to call the divine in yourself as the sum. That fire of love, it comes and it shines so trust in your vision and listen to the divine.  The keys to the kingdom they always arrive if your soul and your being can embrace the the strange blue note which is such a beautiful life. #AWAKE in THE seat Of the SOUL 

Words © Wendy Rose Watson