Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Mother of Gold - A Mother of Stories

I Just found out that my Mother stole a pair of shoes for me when I was a wee girl going into pre-school and she was finger-printed and booked. Those were some very challenging  times for sure. I promised to her that she'd never have to live that way again as it touched me to think of her in that position, the struggle she went through to try to provide for me, the way she wanted people to know she cared, the way she wanted good things for me. I'm good with my old pair of boots right now - they are worn and cracked maybe but they have so many stories alive in them waiting to break through and just wanna say that I have so much respect for the people who I learn from - My mom, for one who is here this weekend with me- My Mother Rose in all her glory - I'm just the illuminated apprentice, I learn so much from others all the time. I have had lucky and unlucky accidents in this life  but I know that I am blessed in every way so it's a huge honor the I've been asked by RE/Searchs' very own Mother Meme to do a piece on Motherhood soon. I truly believe that every woman is a Mother of gold and a Mother with stories, and that we can all birth something beautiful when we look and listen inside. Honored when this sorta light takes my hand. Blessed to be a part of this higher plan.