Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sneek Peek of Creation Stories by Alan John McGee

What a read!! Alan McGees new book Creation Stories will be out November 7th on Pan McMillian Press so I consider myself very lucky to have intercepted a copy of it from Alan before its release. I am currently on page 36 of 336 and cannot put it down. Creation Stories is not only inspiring and thoughtful it's an incredibly insightful account on what it was like for a young boy from a working class family to grow up in Glasgow and arrive by a strong hand of fate with a few good friends and foes into the music industry.

I'm currently packing to go on a trip to meet my press and lay out my own book so I'll be working 8 days a week from now on as my own book is about to birth into this life but one thing's for sure, this read is traveling with me. It's huge and inspiring, just what I needed as sometimes hearing someone else tell their stories really reaches you and feels like home. Alan often says 'keep the faith' and now I know why...whatever you may or may not believe in, life truly is just one big, beautiful, wild, flowing ride!

               The book Creation Stories is dedicated to Alan's Mother -- Pure Class Alan, pure class!!

Available hot off the Pan McMillian Press November 7th, 2013. 

WORDS © Wendy Rose Watson