Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Veil Is Thin. The Voice Is Within.

Happy Hallow's Eve and blessed Samhain to all!
The veil is thin. The voice is within.

I am shimmering with delight to be alive right now. Alive and with the gift of being able to cast my eyes like nets over a majestic and powerful, green ocean. Truly moved to be able to see my book through in Alabama, the place where my beloved Grandmother Sibyl grew up. The place where she also met my grandfather. I can almost feel their essence surrounding me as I type this -- The mysteries of love are greater than the mysteries of death and yet they are both one in the same. Today, I am drawn into meditations of the past...somewhere between descent and shadows - knowing that the spiral is evermore inward and evermore spinning like dark birds and that it is through that swirling and shapeshifting of past as well as my ancestors great spirit that I have been brought into these dreams of now...brought into this time with a deeper sense of wholeness, holiness and understanding. I will be leaving this magical place tomorrow so there is a great presence settling into my bones today and I remain in awe that I will be able to carry my visions and writings from this trip with me on the pages of my first book.