Tuesday, July 15, 2014

An Overt Tribute To Thunder Road

They: The ones who hide, the ones who alter, the ones who are always telling us how good we have it and how thankful we should be. 

Example of They used in a sentence: 
"They kept telling me to be grateful that I live in a town which is loaded with honest work opportunity at Walmart and McDonald's." 

"They pretend not to notice all the empty ghost structures that went out of business years ago as they make their way to the package store."

"They understand that an honest $1 is a $1 and keep telling us that we gotta work hard if we wanna live the American Dream"

"They wonder why many of us are still unemployed."

"They hope to keep an 'insane' amount of them on Prozac and other Big Pharma drugs to remain in sync with the viciously rapid cycles of modernity"

Us: The ones who will rise, the ones who will speak, the ones who feel the oppression in every nation in the world. (Insert Us used in a sentence)

Freedom: A bizarre idea especially in corporate cultures which insist on the worker explicitly following orders. (Insert Freedom used in your own sentence below)

The American Dream: It's a phantom that everyone makes movies about but no one ever really sees anymore. (Insert The American Dream used in your own sentence below)

The Revolution: The only thing that any sane citizen should look forward to.
(Insert The Revolution used in your own sentence below)

Yeah I know it's not The Boss but it's a good cover that seems to work because IT'S on Prozac.