Wednesday, July 23, 2014

There's No Such Thing As War: A One State Solution

This post might not be popular but I'm going to say it anyhow. No one wants death and terror. Hamas emerged from the repeated, sustained, 60 year destructive disenfranchisement of a near destroyed people. Only fools believe the ordinary Palestinian (though there is no real Palestine anymore) wants Hamas to represent them -- look what it does to them. But today, Hamas are the only organization that they have due to the equal polarization from the other side. I think both Israeli government and Hamas have commited terrorist acts, are propagandists to their ends and in this way become extremists. We here in the US seem to love this because we get to sell weapons to Israel to the tune of BILLIONS of dollars a year, which by the way keeps Israel needing the US. And we wonder why a peace process has yet to work?! Doesn't it seem clear as to why we allow and quietly encourage Israel to dehumanize a marginalized people who must retreat to refugee camps, have no nuclear weapons, lack the support of one of the most powerful nations on earth, have little economic influence, poor medical facilities, wasted infrastructure, terrible medical services, and terrible conditions for human life then build a wall around them and strangle their economic prospects--and then the Israel government expects them to act obedient and happy with their oppression? This being the case is why the Hamas answer to a deeper anger in these people. The Hamas emerged from Israel's abuse of others in the area and I dare all to look deeper beyond the propaganda (the stuff so many take in thoughtlessly from the usual controlled media outlets) Palestinian and Gaza innocents are dying by the scores--none of which support Hamas and it is a complete failure that the most powerful country in the region, couldn't find ways to share power and peace with it's most destitute neighbor. It seems crystal clear now that there really is no negotiating table. This is very depressing as sadly the fighting is not going to go as easy as Israel hoped; there will be bloodshed that climbs into the thousands soon. And those thousands will mostly be the blood of innocent civilians. A one state solution? Right. I cannot and will never be able to support the death nail when innocents are involved. Shame on all of the decision makers who are promoting this WAR and for anyone who is taking sides.